Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Subtle Mother Fuckers

Maybe it's just because it's so hard to make a feel good movie when abortion is involved, but I'm starting to think the pro-life lobby is infiltrating the multiplex. I first noticed this phenomenon with the release of "Knocked Up." A fantastic movie, if for no other reason than it gave Seth Rogen his breakthrough performance. But still, not too many women in America would have a one-night stand with a shlub like that and decide to give birth to and raise the child that was spawned through such a union.
Now, my hackles are raised again with a new movie called "August Rush." For those who haven't been forced to sit through the trailer on this one a dozen times over the last week - let me give you the synopsis, courtesy of the MSN Web site. A "charismatic Irish guitarist" and a "reserved cellist" share a "passionate night" but are "forced apart by fate." Otherwise known as - he was hot and foreign and she was the perfect hard to get mark. They fucked, she got pregnant and probably never even told him.
The pro-life twist (yet again) is that she gives birth to the child and charitably gives him up for adoption. A few years down the line, his musical genius is bringing cheer and joy to the massses in a "We are the World" worthy worldview that music connects us all.
So the lesson we take away is that you shouldn't abort your totally unwanted kid whose father was in all likelihood a drunk and low wage earner because he could be the universe's gift to symphonic peace and harmony. Or who could cure AIDS. Or who could turn out to be a little shit who prevented YOU from curing AIDS because you were too busy changing diapers. Just a little thought and movie judgment for the holiday season from the Shtetl Fabulous perspective.

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Talks about Rabies at parties said...

a fantastically clear statement about the blatant lobbying against abortion. I had the same thought about knocked up. She's a party girl, but no pill and banging some random busted dude? and no abortion? The only mention is the fantastic scene when the fat kid goes "you need to go to the schmaschmortion clinic, like now".

A similar topic I've written on, the movie asertion that all good guys must be willing to date women who already have children without flinching. Like saying "but i don't want a girl with a kid" makes you a dick. It makes you a normal honest human.