Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shout Out

Since my big mass media debut last week (my two years of student journalism at the Arizona Daily Wildcat doesn't really count), I've installed Google Analytics on this site. Now my stalker tendencies and the B I got in graduate-level statistics can finally be mixed together and put to use via the miracle of blog analysis.
Through this fantastic invention of the chronically unsure-whether-anyone-reads-his/her-blog, I can magically track where my readers come from geographically, how they stumbled upon the Shtetl Fabulous universe and whether or not they used a Google search to find me. The location stats include such far-flung destinations as Kuala Lampur, Malaysia; Dublin, Ireland and Kansas!
But even more exciting than these Carmen Sandiego-worthy shenanigans is the Google search section. From this realm of cyberspace, I've discovered that someone actually decided to click on my blog after searching for the term, "fabulous fuckers." Oddly enough, it's the number two site suggested... as long as you don't search with the quotes.
My new friend Greg wisely pointed out that this fact will probably disappoint many a horny teenage boy seeking porn and not pithy comments on news items, pop culture and relationships. But for this reluctant pleaser, I couldn't be happier to underwhelm some pre-pubescent's nascent hard-on if it directs them to my humble home of wordsmithing.
Regardless of whether you got here because I not-so gently cajoled you into reading or because you had a genuine intellectual curiosity for how a shtetl could become fabulous - thanks for reading and come again.

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