Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Observations

I'm headed to the City this evening to spend a few days with my grandparents and to see some friends while I enjoy time off for the Jewish holidays. Since I won't have computer access and since my life is bound to be uber-crazy upon my return, I figured I would just offer a few random observations for your reading pleasure.

1. If I haven't said it already - The Great Schlep is the single funniest and most clever thing to come out of this interminable election cycle. See, I needed to add on that "clever" lest you try to say that Sarah Palin's incessant winking and general cougarism is funnier. Anyway, The Great Schlep recruits young Jewish adults to Florida to visit their grandparents (and other people's grandparents) and talk with them about voting for Obama. It includes a hilarious video from Sarah Silverman and proves the incredible power of the Internet to galvanize people around a cause.

2. I watched the new Rolling Stones documentary, "Shine a Light" the other night and was incredibly bored. The movie is essentially a Rolling Stones concert featuring an entirely-too-old Mick and Keith belting out their tunes one more time for the sheer profit it provides. Guest appearances from Jack White and Christina Aguilera were the highlights, the rest just seemed a little sad. The movie did demonstrate however, that Scorsese is the most nebbishy Italian ever.

3. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I have noticed lately that my single friends are an endangered species. Every week, at least 5 friends of mine celebrate some milestone and I have evidence on Facebook. Two friends had babies on Thursday, a college buddy got married on Friday and Sunday featured no less than one set of engagement photos, one set of wedding photos and one set of pregnant photos.
To my remaining single friends - please keep mentioning bad dates in your status updates and posting pictures of drunken cavorting. It balances everything out.

Hope these little vignettes satisfy your Shtetl Fabulous jones (if you had one in the first place) for the next few days. In the meantime, chag sameakh and enjoy Simchat Torah - the other Jewish St. Patrick's Day!


HNIC said...

yep being single is rare. thats why I have to move to north jersey, the closer you get to the city the more single friendly life becomes. living down by princeton .... ya I am viewed as a dinosaur.
but fear not, it will change for you in a few years. All my friends who were single are now in happy bliss land, and all my friends who were in happy bliss land when I was in college are now becoming single. this is america, relationships dont last long. everyone is back out on the market 10 years tops.

This campaign is turning into a blowout. IM starting to wish they required an IQ test for you to be able to vote. You have to pass a test and wait just to be a US citizen ..... but any moron lunatic can vote? HUH? how is that right?

Shtetl Fabulous said...

Just one other comment - is anyone else weirded out by those commercials with the people literally sitting on others' shoulders? How high are the folks who write these ads???

SaraK said...

Sarah Silverman is one hilarious woman.

I'm happy to balance out your ratio of married:single friends :)

I'm also bombarded with wedding/kids pics on FB but I wouldn't exactly call singles an endangered species in my 'hood. ;-)

Stacy said...

I hear ya on the lack of single friends to hang with. If and when I land a date, I'll have to blog about it. See, this is why I gravitated towards Chandler instead of Mesa, because I'm pretty sure they burn single, 28-year-old females like me at the stake in Mesa.

I hope your computer situation gets resolved soon.