Monday, March 9, 2009

Time of Our Joy

Really, I had wanted to do a very funny, witty post in honor of Purim. After all, it's the time of our collective joy and we celebrate the godless holiday with costumes, cookies and public drunkenness. It's a lot of fun.

Local synagogues go to bizarre but great lengths to stage plays, enact pranks and engender merriment. It's also the perfect time for bloggers like me to go whole hog on some parody (no pun intended).

Alas, I've had a lot on my mind (figuring out the radio presets on my new car) and going on in my life (seeing friends and an upcoming trip to New Orleans) that have kept me from investing a whole afternoon in creating a great Purim spoof. Something to the general effect of ghetto mundane which I imagine would include how to make reservations at your local TGI Friday's and my adventures as a completely graceful personal shopper.

Instead, I'm just going to offer a Purim blessing. May this truly be a time of joy for all of us. Whether it's the simple joy of getting a primo parking spot or the nostalgic joy of hearing from an old friend or the collective joy of your alma mater winning March Madness - may we all experience happiness in the coming days and weeks (and years too damnit!).


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Maya said...

What? We were supposed to post a parody on Purim?? I missed that memo...

I really like this post!

Jack said...

Amen and amen.