Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joining the Ranks

I suppose it happens to everyone at some point in their lives, but honestly I had no clue it would happen to me today. As of May 14, I will officially join the illustrious ranks of the unemployed having been laid off from my job.

I know this is the perfect forum to bash my soon-to-be former employer, but it's hardly my style. Hell, I got dumped and didn't even dish about the guy in this forum.

What I will do is use the extolled power of the Internet to network my ass off. I doubt I'll actually post my resume on the blog, but I do hope to use my resources as wisely as humanly possible (hey, I wasn't a Girl Scout for nothing).

So if you know of job opportunities in the nonprofit, government or corporate sectors I am extremely organized, I write well, I have experience in fundraising, event planning and foundations. I am most interested in project management as where I really excel is in getting things done. In the future, I think I would make a fantastic Chief Operating Officer.

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Jendeis said...

I'm sorry to hear this news. I hope that your job search is very short and successful.

Maya said...

Oh man... good luck!

Schvach said...

I'm sorry to learn about your bad news. I've just been hired following a 5 month period of unemployment, Baruch HaShem. My record, so far, is 23 consecutive months of unemployment, with no financial income - don't ask.

SuperRaizy said...

I'm really sorry to hear that you've been laid off. I hope you find something very soon!