Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adios Amigos

When I was first laid off, I pondered the idea of taking a month to travel around the world. Preferably mooching off of friends in Israel for a while, then maybe jetting over to Macedonia to hobnob with my cousin the ambassador. Then reality and the exhaustion of professionally job hunting set in and I scaled back my plans.

A friend sent me links for cheap flights to Ireland and another talked up skiing in South America. But since I've already visited the British Isles and I'm utterly useless on snow-bound modes of transportation.

Then one day, I decided to search for flights in Central America whilst sipping a latte at my favorite local coffee shop. I spotted a great deal to Costa Rica and posted the sensational find to my status. Instantly, my friend Jannah who I've known since our Hebrew School days back in Arizona, voiced her interest. Then my friend Florence who represents Brooklyn alerted me to her status of the previous day where she espoused interest in a similar jungle-bound vacation.

Another friend joined the pack and thus a girls' tropical adventure was born. Hard to believe that just a few weeks later, I've got a packed bag, a boarding pass, some quality beach reads and a lot of sunscreen. Befitting of my slightly-less controlling between-employment self, I have relinquished much of the planning to my travel buddies and wherever the winds take me.

I cannot express the full extent of my excitement in a week that involves kayaking, fresh off the tree pineapples, exploring volcanoes, swimming in hot springs/pools/the Pacific Ocean and lord knows what else in lieu of managing spreadsheets and reciting my resume for total strangers.

Though I cannot guarantee a travelogue as detailed as my trip to Cancun two years ago, I would hate to break a streak of summer vacation blog posts (last year was Portland) so be sure to check in later next week for a full accounting of all the awkward tan lines, the communication challenges and the exquisite scenery. And for all you Facebook fans of Shtetl Fab, there will be pictures to boot! Hasta luego everyone!


SaraK said...

You are going to have SUCH a fabulous time! I'm depending on those pics for my vicarious vacation ;-)

Jannah said...

We had so much fun!!!