Saturday, January 12, 2008


Those who know me well (or even not so well) might find my next statement a bit surprising, but here it goes. I never realized until a few years ago that I have a much higher energy level than most people. When other people are running out of steam from their second steam (was that a mixed metaphor), I'm usually still going strong. At first, I had a hard time not writing other people's flagging energy off as a character flaw. But now with my age-acquired wisdom, I've learned that I have the ability to keep on going with fervency akin to a battery-peddling rabbit.

Where does it come from? I honestly have no idea. Maybe I possess some Rogue-like mutant strength to suck the lifeforce out of others? Nah, living alone for a year and a half has demonstrated that I buzz along even when no one else is around. Maybe my metabolism works in some bizarre way that I can burn off calories and instantly convert them into efficient energy. Nope, I still got my booty and my belly. Maybe it's all those amphetamines? Just kidding, Mom.

Regardless of the source, my seemingly endless reserves of energy do seem to have some practical applications. For example, I manage to write this blog on a regular basis. Also, I am awesome at returning phone calls and emails in a time-efficient manner (with some exceptions) The most impressive usage of my high-energy level, to me at least, has been my incredible weekend productivity.

Today, I took advantage of an early wakeup to make breakfast, go grocery shopping, take a 4-mile walk and enjoy a soothing bath all before 2 p.m. To some, this may seem hellish, but to me it's pure bliss. One of the best weekends of my life took place this past Memorial Day. In the span of four days (we had a little extra time off for Jewish holidays), I drove to Brookyn, Hoboken and Westchester; stayed out until 3 a.m.; attended my first African dance festival; visited old friends from high school and grad school; made new friends and cooked up a storm!

I'll admit this tour de force even made my head spin, but in retrospect I am intensely proud of my accomplishments. With such a need to stay busy at all times, it can get a little challenging to feed the beast. Luckily, I now live in a very walkable community and have lots of friends within relatively easy access. Plus, cell phone plans allow me to get tuckered out on the phone and IM provides necessary distractions too. I've begun to explore yoga lately and I still have my weekly West African dance class.

Of course, there's always a little extra time in the day so I am open to anyone's suggestions of new hobbies to explore. Any ideas?

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