Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chocolate and Loathing in Your Own Living Room

Valentines Day - it plagues all of us equally, so why not celebrate in a more egalitarian fashion? As a society and even more disproportionately as members of the female gender, we glorify and celebrate February 14 to the utmost degree. We buy presents, lingerie, chocolates, flowers, etc. but only for one designated person in our lives. And if we happen to be at a point in our lives without a significant (or moderately insignificant but nonetheless cute) other when Valentines Day rolls around, we generally suffer through feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

But why throw the baby out with rose-petal infused bathwater? Why shit on love as a construct simply because we are not in the throes of romantic love at this specific moment?

I say rather than indulge in a chocolatized pity party, we should get a little more open-minded about love. Why beat ourselves up because the only person who got us a Valentines Day gift is a parent or a sibling?

Personally, I got a great V-Day gift of sugar free brownie bites express shipped from Phoenix today from my dad that I was totally stoked about. Why? Because my dad knows I am trying to be conscientious about my eating and got me sugar free treats instead of the more fat and sugar-laden option. That definitely shows love in my book.

Valentines Day should be a reminder and a wake-up call to all kinds of love. So give a little card or candy hearts to a co-worker. Take a friend for a coffee date. Call your mother. Who cares if it doesn't come covered in whipped cream and with a guarantee of an orgasm? Love has many forms and there ain't enough of it in this world - so get out there and show someone some love.

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