Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

In my ongoing effort to expand my readership beyond my mom and a few loyal readers (and those excellent lurkers), I have begun a narrow but shameless journey to self-promotion.

To that end, I am proud to announce that Shtetl Fabulous has joined the ranks at JBlog Central. A collection of hundreds of blogs with Jewish, Israeli, religious, not-so-religious and current events themes, the site gives readers an opportunity to read recent posts without having to navigate to each blog. You can also rate the posts which is quite tempting as I auto-advertise myself, but so far I've restrained myself to only one self-loving score. It's another fantastic way to waste time at work - I mean, how else might you have learned about Kosher Beers or Dixie Yid?

For all my fellow bloggers out there, this site is a great way to get a little inspiration, build readership and make a few friends who you will probably never interact with beyond becoming Facebook friends.

Since I began writing this blog several months back, I've struggled with what direction I want to take it in and I've aspired to write witty, insightful and somewhat entertaining pieces for your general enjoyment and my personal catharsis.

If you're new here or just haven't offered your two cents - please comment, it really inflates my ego. If you're one of my loyal peeps from back in the day - thanks and keep reading!


SaraK said...

[waves hands wildly] I'm here!

DixieYid said...

And why is a Dixie Yid such a novelty?


-Dixie Yid

Shtetl Fabulous said...

A Dixie Yid is a novelty because it's just as great as being Jewish from Mesa, Arizona or Salt Lake City, Utah.

It's a compliment, I promise and thanks for reading!

frumsatire said...

Shameless self promotion is the only way to get hits- unless you have time to comment on every bloggers site. I favor facebook- you should also check out Jrants- even better then j blog central.