Friday, April 4, 2008

All Apologies

My most sincere apologies for being a little lax in posting of late. Insert classic excuses of work obligations, family drama and an outright desire to have a life outside my computer here.

I'm off to Arizona this afternoon for my dad's wedding on Sunday, which I'm confident will provide ample fodder for a venue like this blog.

Til then, here's a little food for thought courtesy of the New York Times: The underlying theory, which I've long ascribed to, is that just as Rob Gordon asserted in High Fidelity - what you like is as important as what you are like.

Now, I won't go so far as to say I did a literary and cinematic assessment of my current main squeeze before I consented to dating him. However, the fact that he does read more than just magazines and comic books (and is apparently the only reader at the Ridgefield Park Library), was and continues to be a factor in why I like him. Neither of us are members of the Ayn Rand fan club, but at least we read.


Josh said...

I think it goes both ways -- I'm a little wary of someone who hasn't read High Fidelity or A Brave New World or whatever, but I'm also a little wary of someone who doesn't watch The Soup or get random American Idol or other pop culture references. Well-rounded.

Jenny said...

one of the deal-makers before getting engaged was finding out that he loved "Bridge to Terabithia" :)