Friday, March 28, 2008

Expensive Beer and Boring TV make Shtetl go Something Something

All apologies to Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King and the writers at The Simpsons for the title of this post, but I do feel like I'm going a little crazy these days with the skyrocketing prices circulating around my grocery store and booze shop.

However, unlike Homer Simpson and Jack Torrance, I'm not crazy. Commodies prices for anything wheat-derived (that means bread, beer and bagels) OR wheat-fed (that means dairy cows, chickens and cattle) are increasing at a rapid rate while the dollar loses value. In a cruel twist of simultaneous occurences, the price of hops have risen due to poor crop yields in drought-stricken Australia. This is hardly an economist's blog, but I do love a good brew and thus I feel motivated to bemoan costly suds.

What has our world come to when a humble can of Natty Boh threatens to break the bank? Even scarier, what will we have to shell out for tastier brewed options - my personal favorite including the stellar Fat Tire. While others fear recession due to the home loan disaster and the weakness of the dollar in the overseas currencies markets, I will be crying into my beer. Of course, if you're going by the law of supply and demand, maybe a drink isn't such a bad idea.

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