Thursday, June 19, 2008

Introducing Mr. Ambassador

I've long said that my cousin Philip takes all the pressure off of me to be the family overachiever. Well today he really has a chance to prove it as he will be confirmed this afternoon as the U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia, provided the junior senator from the State of Maryland Ben Cardin (and fellow BHU alum) is in a good mood. Check it out here.

For all of you who don't know where Macedonia is, I've got a little info here from the good people at Wikipedia. All the countries in the former Yugoslavia are very happenin' right now, so book the next flight to Skopje, Dubrovnik or Belgrade and tell my cousin hi!

Congratulations to Philip and to his good buddy Tina - I can't wait to come visit.


SaraK said...

Wow, very cool!

Stacy said...

That's awesome! Congrats to Phillip!

bB said...

Macedonia is great place to visit, you should definitely go.