Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthday Presents for Everybody!

Remember when you were a kid and your birthday rocked, not just because you got presents but because you knew you'd be invited to all those other kids' birthday parties where you'd get those favors? It was like getting another round of presents!

This year, I've decided to kick it old school and offer some of my readers a chance at a little birthday favor that is Shtetl Fabulous. My birthday is on Thursday and I just got some cute postcards that I really want to send out.

The first 20 people who respond to this post (either via comment or email) will get an original limerick or haiku sent to the address of their choosing. If you don't want anything dirty, please be sure to include that in your message as my poetry skills flourish most when I can be a little blue.

Hoping to have a more thorough post in time for the big day and thanks for being a part of the first official Shtetl Fabulous birthday giveaway!


Jendeis said...

Ooh, happy early birthday!

SaraK said...

You're so cute! Happy B-day on Thursday. Looking forward to celebrating!

Christina said...

You are hilarious! I love the idea of sending postcard "gifts" to your readers! Happy early birthday!