Friday, June 15, 2007

Let's Talk about Sex

Get out your law books, go to "miscarriage of justice," and you're likely to find this story.
To summarize the story - a 15-year-old girl gives a 17-year-old boy a consensual blow job at a party that is caught on videotape. Both teens are black and the act occurs in Georgia, not exactly a state known for its progressive policies on sex or anything else. In hyperinflated response to a new law on aggravated child molestation, the 17-year-old honor student and athlete is given a mandatory 10-year sentence. To date, he has served two years and Georgia passed a new "Romeo and Juliet" law that would exonerate the young man but the Attorney General in Georgia has appealed his release.
You can get caught up on where the story is at by clicking on the link above, but here's some musings on the whole balagan. ...
What if they hadn't videotaped it?... What if they were white?... What if he was black but the girl was white?... Why, if the state has admitted there are problems with the conviction to the extent of enacting a law that would free the young man, have they not released him?... Where is our nation headed in terms of sexual politics, sexual expression, sexual aggression?... Are we too oversexed or are we still Puritans who merely allow sex into certain regulated areas?... Why do we market shockingly sexual lyrics and lingerie to teens (see Victoria's Secret Pink line if you don't believe me) and then act so surprised when they choose to have sex?!... What might come next?


Shoshana said...

I think Victoria's Secret's pink line is pretty tame compared to a lot of their stuff.

Matt said...

Good post, and nice blog! I just stumbled on it following the links from JSpot, where I write. Hope to see more!