Saturday, July 7, 2007

Catch my Disease

No, this isn't a post about Michael Moore's latest opus, Sicko, though if you're looking for an interesting and appropriately skeptical review of that movie, check out this article: Rather, this is just a little post about the ridiculousness of today's globe-spanning Live Earth concerts.
Billed as 24-hours of self-righteous pop starts blathering about climate change on all 7 continents, including a performance for an audience of penguins in Antarctica, apparently this one day and concert will magically change the world, turn back the clock of impending global warming doom and make everyone under the age of 30 a blissful little environmentalist. Yeah, and Woodstock ended Vietnam. Oh, and We are the World really ended all those starvation problems in Africa.
Forgive my sarcasm, but wouldn't the planet have been better served if everyone hadn't driven themselves to the damn concert?! While it's great to hope to enlighten a whole generation and pray for the best, they aren't the policymakers, they aren't the "deciders," and they don't vote! Personally, I am doing my part today by not driving to Giant Stadium. And one last thing - stop saying Live Earth North America is happening in New York. This is Jersey, people, and if I gotta rep the Garden State, then so do you Al Gore.

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