Saturday, May 31, 2008


OK, maybe afterglow is a strong term. The movie was hardly orgasmic, though it didn't suck nearly half as bad as I thought it might. Now, the die-hard readers probably should stop reading here. I'm not gonna throw in any spoilers, but I do want to make a few points about the Sex and the City movie and they're not so glowing.

1. Hey Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King, maybe you can afford three names and all the designer goods you can get your hands on. The rest of us are fighting high gas prices, high food prices and shrinking budgets. Sure $525 Manolos are considered a luxury even in this movie, but they simply beyond the realm of possible for most people.

A ring or purse is not love and it's a kinda limited way of showing someone you love them. This rampant consumerism and the entire notion of tying emotion to material goods really bothered me as I sat through 2.5 hours of designers, dresses and of course, shoes.

2. These four women are incredibly co-dependent. How have they not really encountered any new people in 10 years? My group of friends and my closest confidants shift and grow over time. Sure, the bestest best friends stick around, but my circle continues to expand, contract and entirely change as time goes by. Dare I assert that one reason the SATC ladies encounter such trouble with men is that they depend entirely too much on each other?

And while we're on the friendships in this movie, how is it these women can be so close and yet they can completely chastise each other for sprouting a little hair in an unmentionable place or actually gaining 10 pounds?! Your female friends are the ones who are supposed to love you regardless of those types of things.

3. Despite what Carrie and Enid say at Vogue, men are NOT the new black. They are our lovers, boyfriends, man-friends, significant others and sources of endless confusion. They come in all shapes, colors and patterns, but we love them and don't use them to accessorize.

4. Even despite all this bitching, I still enjoyed the movie and even more, I loved what the movie gave me. A fantastic night out with my girlfriends (15 of us schlepped over to the theater together) that might not have included any labels, but was nonetheless fabulous.


SaraK said...

The TV show was a guilty pleasure of mine, will see the movie at some point. Most TV shows have the characters being friends with only the same people, can you say "Friends"? They didn't even hardly date/marry/have kids with people outside their incestuous circle. (But I still love that show)

Shtetl Fabulous said...

Oh, one more gripe, the show AND movie are both astoundingly white given that they take place in a racially and culturally diverse city like New York. Here's a good article about it:

Hadassah said...

i too just watched the SATC movie, knowing how vapid it was going to be, yet i enjoyed the ridiculousity of it. you do have to admit that the main |moral| of the story was that marriage is more about the uniting of two people, than about the whole farce of planning the biggest party the world has ever seen.