Sunday, May 4, 2008


Spring is here and not a moment too soon. Though the weather forecast occasionally veers into unfortunate rain showers, it's official - springtime.

After a particularly grueling past month, the sunshine, blooming trees and vibrant flowers could not be more welcome companions on my regular walks around town. There's a big statue in the center of my town and today it was completely encircled by a raucous array of tulips in yellow, red, fuchsia, deep purple and everything in between. Coupled with fantastic weather actually on a weekend day when I had no big plans, the sight was transformative.

I'm not one to regularly wax rhapsodic about floral or meterological moments of serendipity (I tend to leave the serendipity for my relationships... see previous post), but sometimes you have to just leave yourself outdoors for a bit to appreciate some of the good stuff.

For a girl whose hometown experiences spring sometime in mid-February, this very East Coast way of getting a mood lift after an entirely too long winter still fascinates me. I understand a little better why many people flee places like the Northeast in favor of Florida, Arizona or San Diego, but I am also beginning to dig this whole "seasons" thing.

So here's to the return of my freckles, my allergies and if I can just get enough time this week - my pedicure.

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SaraK said...

Most of the buildings in NYC put out flowers during Spring, so even though the whole city is covered in concrete, we can pretend that nature is taking its course :)