Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's not easy being (without) green

Astronomical rents, myriad bureaucratic fees, weird gas pricing, tolls, overly zealous tow truck companies, oh yeah, and we're in a recession. Sometimes a girl just can't catch a break.

I've said it before and I'll whine about it again - living in Jersey is just too damn expensive! Yeah, New York City is a stone's throw away, but is that really so fantastic when the cost of living your life is prohibitive? Being in close proximity to Zabar's and the Met is cold comfort when a pound of rugelach costs $14 and admission costs $20.. that on top of the newly increased $8 toll to cross the George Washington Bridge.

Sure, there are advantages to living even in suburban New Jersey compared to say, Akron (sorry Tamar if you're reading this), but why are all those advantages burning a hole in my rapidly shrinking wallet? Luckily, one of my favorite local activities - walking - is still free. And none of the parks or historical sites in my vicinity are on Governor Corzine's chopping block.

Whatever happened to bartering? To a cheap thrill? To something for nothing?

Jersey may be the Garden State, but there's a gate on that garden and they're charging admission.


frumsatire said...

Uh- the Met is free admission- I hate to burst your bubble but only tourists and wealthy people succumb to the admission cost- in little letters it says "suggested donation" my two favorite words- If I am on a date I throw them 5 bucks, other wise they get a dollar- I just remove my yarmulke so I dont start a pogrom.

The museum of Natural history is also suggested by the way.

Shtetl Fabulous said...

Valid point. I do generally stiff the Met or use my grandparents' guest membership card.

But there are plenty of others that aren't so generous... it's $20 at MOMA, $15 at the Whitney, $18 at Guggenheim and $12 at the Jewish, unless you go on Saturday.